Fellowship Testimonials

Katherine W - Spring 2013

Katherine W

Spring 2013

When people say that Hackbright changed their lives, they aren’t exaggerating or delusional. What the Hackbright team has put together for a community is incredibly special, and with brilliant instruction specifically tailored towards those who might have that engineering, puzzle-solving mindset already, but didn’t get started on learning to code just yet. It’s never too late! What you decided to do when you were 18 does not have to determine the course of the rest of your life. Hackbright helped me realize why some people end up becoming professional students/perpetual grad students (this kind of learning can be really fun!) and opened up career opportunities where I might actually be able to really love what I do, which is something I had started to write off as possible for me after having a few years of work experience.

Kelley R - Spring 2013

Kelley R

Spring 2013

Going into the program, I had a healthy amount of skepticism about how successful it would be. Fortunately, all hesitations vanished within the first week. Even before receiving my first job offer, Hackbright gave me the skills and confidence to have an accomplished career as a software engineer. The instructors challenged me beyond expectations, and I was highly prepared to enter the industry as a result. Everything the program had to offer reaffirmed that it was the singular best career and life decision I have made, a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.

It is rare that you can point to specific decisions that change your entire life, but attending Hackbright was that decision for me. I am so grateful that Hackbright provided the opportunity to discover a passion for computer science and pursue a career in software engineering.

Chris M - Spring 2013

Chris M

Spring 2013

Attending Hackbright Academy changed my life. I learned more at Hackbright than I ever could have in ten weeks on my own. The community of students, alumnae, mentors, supporters, and partner companies is incredibly strong. I have met some of the smartest, kindest, most passionate people at Hackbright. Everyone wants to see you succeed and will try their best to help.

Learning computer science in practical terms provided me with the knowledge I needed to transition into software development. And two weeks after the program poof I was employed as a software engineering.

The Hackbright program is incredibly special, and I am lucky to be a part of it. Hackbright has now turned over 50 women into software developers in ten weeks. Their track record speaks volumes.

It’s the best decision I have ever made.

Nicole Z - Fall 2012

Nicole Z

Fall 2012

Hackbright was a watershed event for me; the change it wrought in my skills, confidence, and job prospects can’t be overstated. I learned more than I ever thought possible in 10 weeks thanks to Christian’s thorough and thoughtful instruction.

Everything we did in class at Hackbright has proved eminently practical and useful in my new job, from concrete knowledge of python data structures, web development, and github to ideals of elegance and efficiency. Hackbright introduced me to tools and languages I’d never used before, but also strengthened the problem-solving muscles I use every day as an engineer, now.

Thanks to Hackbright, I have not only a strong foundation in programming, but also the confidence to look for a better way when things don’t make sense, the self-sufficiency to figure things out on my own, and the spark of curiosity to keep me learning more. I didn’t get just a job as a result of my time at Hackbright; I got a jump-start on an exciting, fulfilling career. Hackbright changed my world in the best possible way.

Ashley L - Summer 2012

Ashley L

Summer 2012

I don’t mean to sound cheesy, but making the decision to go through Hackbright really changed my life. I went in to the program with a small amount of experience picking up HTML and CSS on my own from working with existing websites. Some in my class had literally no experience. That’s what it’s made for, so you absolutely can go in with no prior experience at all and come out with a job as a developer, if you are able and willing to adapt to a developer’s mindset and work to learn and improve constantly – the same challenges you face during Hackbright are what engineers encounter in their jobs every day.

I found that the strength of my knowledge and the projects I had on GitHub and my resume coming out of Hackbright were definitely enough to be considered for entry-level positions in many companies in the bay area, and I had several offers after the program. That said, I think one big perception change that we all went through at/after Hackbright was from seeing the program as the tangible laundry list of skills/benefits like Python, pair programming, job interview – to understanding it really as a chance to lay the foundation for understanding development and technology in a more general sense, and be prepared to enter the industry and continue learning new things, as all good developers do. I believe the main goal of the program is not to get a job placement, but to learn the fundamentals of development – the instructor Christian really cares about the students and wants them to be able to do everything they might want to do in the future, from mobile/web/software development, to gaining more experience and learning to design databases or become a CTO. So I think it’s really a great way to learn a ton, expand your network, and show that you’re serious about taking part in the technical community, and from that, if you want a job you should be able to get one.

Andree B - Summer 2012

Andree B

Summer 2012

I was looking for a job in the Bay Area for one year. I started learning programming by myself a couple months before starting at Hackbright Academy. After completing Codecademy.com, learn Python the hardway, Hackbright Academy was the next step for me. It was time for me to put all that knowledge together and create web applications.

Being a part of Hackbright Academy is an incredible experience, not only because I have learn an infinite amount of things but because of the people. I was great to be surrounded by smart people with the urge of learning n33t stuff. At Hackbright Academy they don’t show you only how to code but they help you get ready for the technical interview questions. After 10 weeks of hard work at Hackbright and at different Hackathons, I got an internship as a backend engineer in a well founded startup.

Zoe K - Summer 2012

Zoe K

Summer 2012

When people ask about Hackbright, I tell them it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Christian and David are both incredibly helpful and invested in your success as a student and beyond. I had a blast learning programming, and came away with a great foundation of knowledge, practical skills, and connections to great tech companies. Hackbright definitely helped me launch my development career.

Laura K - Summer 2012

Laura K

Summer 2012

I learned far more in 10 weeks at Hackbright than I could have on my own. I came out of the program with an excellent foundation in web development and several finished projects to show employers. Christian is a very knowledgeable programmer and one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. He can explain complicated technical concepts clearly and ensures that everyone in the class understands the material and is challenged. David does a great job of organizing opportunities for Hackbright students to connect with the web development world, such as field trips to YCombinator, events hosted by Hackbright like our Girl Geek Dinner, and most importantly, opportunities to speak one-on-one with companies who are looking to hire Hackbright graduates. Hackbright was a great experience, and I definitely recommend it.

Michelle S - Summer 2012

Michelle S

Summer 2012

Attending Hackbright Academy has been one of the most defining moments in both my personal and professional lives since college. The course, facilitated by an incredibly talented and knowledgable teacher Christian, is intellectually challenging and practical at the same time. I entered into Hackbright aiming to get an overview of what programming is about, to satisfy my own intellectual curiosity mostly. After 10 weeks of intense learning, I not only feel inspired and hungry for more learning, but also find that the ability to program has opened up a whole new perspective of the way I viewed the world. I also feel blessed with a group of friendly and driven classmates, and the long list of rockstar speakers that came to share with our class.